This hill town, formerly a medieval castle, is full of history and tradition. The streets, the paved alleys and the buildings are harmoniously arranged in concentric semi-circles, and city walls enclose the old town.

The area is rich in metals which have been worked since ancient times - the furnaces discovered in the Val Fucinaia go back to the 7th or 8th century B.C. Artisans workshops, museums and eating places face onto the squares. Palazzo Pretorio, the ancient seat of political and military power, houses a historical archive and a museum of interesting archaeological finds. The Palazzo also makes an evocative setting for the public Wine Centre - a shop window for the exceptional wines of the Costa degli Etruschi and a centre for the promotion of the Val di Cornia's wine growing and producing industry.

The churches are of particular interest, among them the Church of San Giovanni - a splendid example of Tuscan-Romanesque style-and the Church of San Lorenzo , built inside the city walls and dating back to the l2th century.

Theatrical productions are hold in the elegant 19fh century Teatro dei Concordi.

The San Silvestro Archaeological-Mineral Park is a fascinating open-air museum covering over 45 in the Campiglia Marittima hills. Various guided trails lead to important archaeological sites and interesting monuments and tell the story of how metals have been wor­ked and minerals and marble extracted in this area since as long ago as the 7th century B.C.

Etruscan remains, mines, wells, galleries, quarries and villas can all be visited an this fascinating journey through time.

Situated within the park is the splendid Rocca di San Silvestro, a fortified village founded in the 10th century, which provides an enchanting glimpse of medieval life.

The Park's Mineral Museum , Archaeological Museum and Mining Museum , a welcoming service centre and a little train running directly from the Park entrance to the Rocca help make visits even more interesting and enjoyable.


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