Parchi Val di Cornia

Parchi Val di Cornia spa protects many of the beauties of our area in archaeological sites, natural parks and museums.

parcho archeominerario di San Silvestro


What visitors of any age love the most is that in a single spot you find many reasons for a visit: the Archaeological Park of Baratti e Populonia, for example, is perfect for those who are interested in Etruscan times and for sea and landscape lovers as well. And San Silvestro Archaeological Mines Park (Campiglia Marittima) is where you find curiosities about the mining activities in the area and traces of everyday life and work from Medieval times on.

Ideal for trekking and guided tours, such places offer leisure time for the whole family, as well as events, workshops and activities for children.

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Parco Costiero di Rimigliano - Parchi Val di Cornia


From Sterpaia Coastal Park with its unforgettable beaches which have gained a Bandiera Blu since 2008, to the inland, towards Poggio Neri Forest Park and Montioni Natural Park the parks of Val di Cornia are destinations for those who love hiking , horseback riding and mountain bike tours..

ust choose your way of visiting these spots, they are all equipped with services accessible to people with disabilities.

Museo artistico della bambola


What would you like to know about this area? You’re certainly going to find an answer in one of the museums of Parchi Val di Cornia!

Museo Archeologico del territorio di Populonia, Museo della Rocca Aldobrandesca, MAB – Museo Artistico della Bambola Collezione Maria Micaelli, Museo della Rocca di Campiglia, Mostra Museo Permanente “Carlo Guarnieri” and Museo del Castello e delle Ceramiche Medievali: fun facts, much history, many traces of art and civilization from the past and the present.